Welcome to the FLAMEGPU 2 Tutorial for ALife 2020!

This tutorial will give a first pre-release preview of FLAME GPU 2. FLAMEGPU2 is the next generation of multi agent simulation software for GPUs. The tutorial will present the FLAMEGPU2 multi-agent software and attendees will gain direct hands on experience of targeting advanced GPU architectures in the cloud by using the open source FLAME GPU framework.

Tutorial Format
1.5 hours.

Steps to Complete for Access to Interactive Tutorial Notebook
  1. Please complete the following google form to share you email address with the organiser (or send it via slack DM)
  2. Register an account at https://www.instancehub.com/ using the same email address
  3. Login to instancehub and select View My Labs, then Click Participate on "FLAME GPU 2 Tutorial - Alife 2020" (link)
  4. Click start lab and wait for the cloud instance to startup. Once started you can follow the link in the lab description. You password will be displayed in the "Connection Information" frame.
Tutorial Outline
We cover the following topics: 
  • General overview of the FLAME GPU methodology and the software framework (15-30 min)
  • Hands-on experience with FLAME GPU framework (60 mins)

Tutorial Material

  • Link to Recording (after event)

Other Links:

Link to Github (starting code and solutions)